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We are super excited to add a brand new product to our Brass Monkeys merino products range.  Here we see one of the owners of Smart Merino modeling our new mens merino long johns.  As with all of our products, these are made in New Zealand with ethically farmed and manufactured 100% merino wool.  They are designed with warmth and comfort in mind they are designed with a wide waist band they will keep in place no matter your activity, extra leg length & dual layered crouch gusset you can be sure they will keep your bottom half warm when needed most.

What are you waiting for?  Find the right size today!

Brass Monkeys Merino Long Johns

We are super excited to be bringing you a brand new Brass Monkeys merino product in the coming weeks.  This product has been born from customer feedback!  We have taken feedback directly from customers and made something we know you will love.  Can you guess what it is? 

Make sure you check out the rest of the Brass Monkeys merino range in the meantime to find the right product and style that suits you.

New season new photos

We have been super busy here at Smart Merino shooting our new and old product range.  Keep your eyes out for new products this season in our Brass Monkeys, Nature's Secret & From Merino With Love range.

Going fishing?  Make sure you take one of our Brass Monkeys merino thermal long sleeve base layers.  They are perfect for getting our of bed during those cold mornings to beat the rush and catch those fish.  Did you know our merino long sleeve is also 50+ UV protected?  Perfect for when you forget that sunscreen. Check out our range of merino long sleeve tops for men & women, all made in New Zealand with 100% merino wool.